Saturday, November 2, 2013

Best blogging concept

You know this is a era of IT. so making blog is very general concept. but  just we think blog is very simple. It mean only adding our post. Did you think so then you are wrong. We should be happy for upcoming time that   you shouldn't spent  any money for making your own website. Google will gives you enough knowledge for making your website professional. Even noways, if study deeply about google, if you have good knowledge of template, or if can add simple codding then there is no doubt that you can make good blog or website like as professional website. So this is my step towards blog  . You should take patient , i will add here lot of knowledge about blogging.                         

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

how to add meta description on blog?

Adding meta tag in website for  SEO is very important.  Simply meta description is added by coding on html . But this technique is not sufficient for those people who don't have coding concept. so i here tell very easy and short method of adding meta tag. actaully this method is on blog. we shouldn't do anything for it. for this if your blog template is on default then follow this steps:
  • open your blogger
  • After opening blog choose setting in droup down menu
  • choose preference
  • then u will see there meta tag on off mode , make that on
  • then put some meta name description on that related topics of the blogs.
But if your blog template is customized, then  simply follow these steps:
  • go to blogger
  • go to template
  • go html edit
  • search <head> then put following code just after <head>..
<b:if cond='data:blog.metaDescription != &quot;&quot;'>
<meta expr:content='data:blog.metaDescription' name='description'/>
  • then your blog template work again same as default template
  • save it then happy blogging 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

some shortcut tips

  • CTRL+A=select all
  • CTRL “+”=ZOOMS letter
  • CTRL”-“= becomes narrower letter
  • CTRL+X=delet all
  • To bookmark any page: ctrl+D
  • CTRL+V=past
  • CTRL+Z=undo
  • CTRL+ALT+drag=copies all on to another
  • To do new tab while opening web pages:- CTRL+click on the web pages.
  • To change language:- ALT+shift
  • To change language with same caterghory:-ctrl left+shift
  • To make underline: CTRL+U
  • Tomake the letter bold:- CTRL+B
  • To make letter the italic: ctrl+i

Thursday, September 12, 2013

how to save battery long time?

We buy new laptop or computer from market . A few month battery works well , means it takes long time as indicated in laptop 6hr, 3hr etc but after passing some moth the capacity of battery go down day by day. After passing 1yr then it will hardly take 1hr time . so this is our common problem who use pcs. Considering people's attention i have states a few tricks shown below.

  • Decrease the brightness of the of the computer. increasing brightness consumes more power so to decrease it just see below right of laptop there is battery symbol you can find. Then adjust screen brightness of the your PCs.

  • if your keyboard has back-lighting system then make off it. It will also help to save battery.

  • Save laptop from heat, to do this put laptop in such place where heat of laptop can pass easily. Don't put laptop in your bed or on warm cloths because it make more heat to your pc . and its difficulty to pass  air easily.

  • If u suddenly go anywhere just leaving your pc open it will aslo consume more power. so make hibernate , so to do this go on START >> shutdown>> hibernate.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

>> How to make disk cleanup of your PC?

Some times our PC  is slow and hang unexpectedly and we feel bore but we don't know reason. One of the reason due to which pc is hang or slow is not clean disk. To clean our disk we must follow following steps.
  • Type disk in run box of START of your PC .
  • Then your can see disk cleanup option then click on it
  • then a window is appeared with "select a drive and  do OK.
  •  Then select files to delete.
  • Then click on ok.
  • then click on files delete.
  • then after few sec your disk of  pc will be cleaned.

>> how to delete your computer's temporary files?

In our PC in  C drive there is folder named temp%.  In that folder auto reloaded files from net is stored. if we don't delete these auto loaded files, our computer's c drive memory will be full  so that our PC will be slow. To remove from this problem. we must delete always temporary files stored in  our pc. to delete these you can follow simple steps below:
  • click on START on your PC.
  • Type %temp% in RUN box of PC
  • Then a folder named temp will be opened 
  • select files folders in the temp folder(CTRL+a)
  • Press DEL/delete those files and folder
you can simply search temp folder in C drive and then delete all files and folder in that temp folder

Saturday, August 10, 2013

>>Mouse cleaning tips:

The mouse is the most commonly used pointing device in the windows environment on the personal computers. This is why mouse require extra care as campare to the other part of the computer. You should clean your mouse when you feel the mouse is slow to move in different directions or making some strange movements.
·         First disconnect your mouse from the back side of your comuter.
·         Now read the mouse manufacturer manual about your mouse model on how to safe and clean it.
·         Open ball cover from the back side of the mouse and wash the ball then dry it with cloth.
·         Now clean dust in the inner side of the mouse specially removes dust on the rollers with lightly damped cotton bud. You can use compressed air for this purpose.
·         At the end dry it and re-assemble your mouse then connect with computer.
·         >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>